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Headshots – we got ´em…..easy as 1, 2, 3

Headshots – we got ´em…..easy as 1, 2, 3

Pick your pricepoint!
$200 for a 20 minute anywhere session, and you pick 3 fully edited and full resolution digital negatives for your print needs. $150 for a 20 minute anywhere session, and you pick 2 fully edited and full resolution digital negatives, and $85 for a 20 minute anywhere session and you pick 1 fully edited and full resolution digital negative.

What a sweet and easy deal!


Summer Portrait Special! Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. offered exclusively by Amy Parish Photography

Summer Portrait Special! Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. offered exclusively by Amy Parish Photography

Another great Petite Boutique Portrait Special offered by: amy parish photography 505.610.1086

-petite 30 minute session (outdoor photographic locations on saturdays and sundays,  portrait studio location monday through friday 9-5pm)

-petite set of proofs, about 20

- $75 credit towards prints and product. This special is available now and runs through June 30, 2012. Get ahead of the heat, book now for these limited edition sessions.

*petite boutique sessions are limited to up to 6 people, and outdoor locations are limited to the UNM campus and the bosque. For an additional $25 we can shoot at the Albuquerque Botanic Gardens.

Urban Senior Portraits, Albuquerque New Mexico

Urban Senior Portraits, Albuquerque New Mexico | Amy Parish Senior Portrait Photography 

Street style portraits are so fun to make in Albuquerque, our downtown is fun and easy.  This young man is great, and we had a wonderful time on our shoot.  Look closely at that poster behind him…remember Social Distortion?  It’s not too late to book a great senior portrait session for 2012 with Amy Parish Photography!

Boudoir Special! Amy Parish Photography, Albuquerque

Albuquerque Boudoir Photography | Valentine’s day portrait special | Portrait Photography

Boudoir Portrait Photography, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Amy Parish Photography

Every Day Romance | Albuquerque Engagement Photography | Rio Rancho Engagement Photography

Every Day Romance | Albuquerque Engagement Photography | Rio Rancho Engagement Photography

Every day romance, every day with Amy Parish Photography.  All of my wedding contracts come with a custom and lovely engagement session.  What a better way to kick start your wedding year!  Scenic Old Town in Albuquerque was the setting for this vintage inspired photo session. And what a charming couple in every way.  Remember to make every day romantic!


Dare to be different! | Albuquerque Senior Photography | Rio Rancho Senior Photography

An old pile of tires? The back of an auto garage? Why in the world not? Meet Miss Natalie, a 2012 senior model from Sue V. Cleveland High School in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  We had a really fun early morning photoshoot, and this was one of many stops along the way in our urban tour of Downtown Albuquerque.  Be on the lookout for great things from this great kid!  She is tiny and mighty!

































Babies and Toddlers….the story behind the story – Albuquerque Baby Photography | Rio Rancho Baby Photography

Babies and Toddlers….the story behind the storyAlbuquerque Baby Photography | Rio Rancho Baby Photography

Parents always love the idea of getting a priceless portrait of the toddler loving on and adoring the new baby.  It’s a great catch….when we can catch it!  lol.  However, sometimes the reality, or the story behind the story, is far more compelling!!

…..bringing personal items is, of course, a wonderful idea for a baby session!  In this case, a family heirloom carriage that is over 100 years old, and a wonderful navajo blanket that was given to the parents when they were married.  The way we photographers work, anything that adds interest in texture and color is a winner in our books!

Now Booking 2012 Seniors! (Rio Rancho Senior Portraits, Albuquerque Senior Portraits)

Meet Natalie, my newest rockin 2012 senior from Sue V. Cleveland High School in Rio Rancho!

Postcards From The Edge….Cadillac Ranch – Amarillo, Texas

This is about as good as it gets for group pictures of my children these days.  Knowing that, I decided this was just the sort of photo session I did want with my children.  These were photographed on the road, we stopped in the mid day Texas heat.  Spent about 15 minutes there and still managed to get sunburned.  If you don’t know what cadillac ranch is, here’s some info about it here.  I really enjoyed sharing the idea of public art with the kids.  This is an interactive display….adding your own mark is encouraged and expected.  I believe these images will somehow become our holiday card this year…unless I find a better concept by then.  For certain, the one of the three of them will be a large canvas.  On another note, I often have people say to me “what kind of camer do you use? I’m going to get that camera so I can take pictures like you”.  Now, I would never expect to pick up a pair of hair sheers and create haircut magic like a stylist at a high end salon.  Nor would I expect to get a wonderful set of cookware and be able to cook like Emeril.  Point is, it’s partly about the equipment…but all about the person using it.  I intentionally used my older camera…still a good camera, but not a full frame pro body, it’s a Nikon D300.  I used an inexpensive…like $100 kit lens….and it’s dirty and not a great lens.  I used my pop up flash on a few of these.  Basically, didn’t use my full on great professional gear.  And I did that because I wanted to make the point, to  myself if no one else, that a good qualified professional relies on their eye and knowledge more than their equipment.  My best piece of equipment is my brain.  However, it’s kind of scary in there….in my brain….not for the faint of heart to be sure.  At any rate, hopefully you get my point and I hope you enjoy my postcards from the edge.

Summer Breeze….makes me feel fine….

….blowing through the jasmine in my mind…

….sometimes it has nothing whatsoever to do with what equipment is in your hand……

Michigan Backyards really are great!!

My sweet friends, and their adorable children!  Pure Michigan (right down to the evening mosquitos)!

I specialize in small people…..Happy Fathers Day!


My lovely garden….however, it is suffering this year from the drought and smoke. The biopark has an awfully nice garden though….love shooting there!

Modern Headshot Digital Collection – Just $150

Front Yard Portraits? Yes you CAN!

What’s more important than the “big picture” when looking at a photographic location, is looking at the smaller vignettes…the little areas that can be pretty as a background.  Also: light, light, light…..of course.  No matter how great an area might look, if the light ain’t right pass it up or come back when the light IS right.  Getting the light right in this instance also meant adding some light….by way of a speedlight off camera, shooting through a large scrim softbox style.  Just about right I think.  These images were made  in Edmond OK and this is my sweet friend and children.  What I wouldn’t give for some green out here in the desert!

My heart sings….

My little girls have been enjoying art and music at Hummingbird Music Camp up near Jemez Springs, NM.  Their dad has been teaching art there also…oil painting, to be exact.  It’s wonderful.  Little D decided to learn the violin halfway through the second week.  She will continue for another two weeks of learning this summer.  She played “Twinkle, twinkle, little star”…of course.  I teared up…of course.  She was so angelic and sweet and serious about it all.  Her friend had touched the bow hairs prior to the performance, which upset her, she said that was why she was “squeaky”.  I love that she initiated this herself, and will look for great things from the Bean!!

Here she is front and center, standing in front during the orchestra performance, she and another new violinist and two new cellists had a solo, then continued on for a second verse backed up by the rest of the strings orchestra. It was wonderful.

Summer time, and the romance is easy….

My good friend Mr. Walls and his lovely bride.  Newlyweds?  Hard to tell!

I feel fine….really, I do….

Likely dates for portraits in Michigan….

Ok…looks like it is going to be July.  Keep in mind that mornings and evenings are best for light and heat.  I will take suggestions for locations.  Pretty and woodsy yards are always good, wooded parks, ponds and lakes, cute little downtowns like Plymouth and Northville, Ann Arbor and the arboritums, Matthai botanic gardens….tell me what you have in mind and we’ll work something out…and we just have to make sure that it’s ok to photograph at whatever location we choose, and that if there are any fees for photographing there…(i believe Mill Race charges now….so if you really want portraits there, you’ll need to take the fee into account).  Prices are current on my website,

July 8th, July 10 in the afternoon, July 11, maybe July 12. 

That’s about it!


July 8th, July 10 in the afternoon, July 11, maybe July 12. 

That’s about it!


A Little Film Goes a Long Way

I know I have posted this image in the past.  Maybe a couple years ago?  I just came across it again in my facebook album and was reminded of how much I loved it.  I really should get a large print of this….the 4×5 does it no justice….ah, the grain and texture.  Film, film, film….I need to shoot me some more film.  Might have to go out and play this weekend and dust off the Mamiya!

Mr. John, cowboy actor extraordinaire, and all around great guy!

John used to be a police officer.  He is a tough guy, and a nice guy.  John does some acting in the movies that are filmed here, so this is something of a headshot session for John. We shot this session at El Rancho de las Golondrinas near Santa Fe.  Talent headshots are so fun, I really enjoy working with talent!

The Megawatt Smile!

Congrats to sweet Carley, class of 2011!

A sweet family and high desert foothills…

A model, a few photographers, a ghost town, and a flippin oil field….go on and get your creep on…

Destination undisclosed.   Was nearly run off by a LIVING resident, until he figured out we had nothing to do with the hated oil field in his back 40.  He turned out to be a super nice person, we talked to him for quite a while.  The buildings…well, decrepit doesn’t do them justice.  Nasty and disturbing remnants of a community long gone… other words, a PERFECT DAY OF SHOOTING!  Our lovely model is none other than DeAnna Dimmitt of Dry Heat Photography expressing her creepy side.  What a lovely day in the neighborhood!

Rugby boy conquers the center of the universe….

Spring senior…yep…class of 2011…..what a great kid to photograph!


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